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Malcalius Seeks Apprentice: - Malcalius - 06-17-2016

In Malcalius' sanctuary at the Order's Yavin base, a holoprojector was set up casting a projection to the center of the room, where the dueling lessons usually took place. One of his Black Legion guards would play the recording at the request of a Sith entering. A recording of Malcalius was projected to the center of the room.

"Acolytes, I am Darth Malcalius. I am your Empress' Wrath, and a member of the Dark Council. I offer to you a chance to serve under me, to be my Apprentice. I am a simple man, of simple tastes. Provided you are not some Alien mongrel, you will do well under me".

The recording was cut short by the Black Legionnaire, who then spoke of their Commander.

"Darth Malcalius is on Dathomir at present, having a bit of fun". The soldier laughed. "We can have a message sent to him as soon as he establishes communications if you are interested".

I will interview you OOCly, and just explain Mal's temperament, and get to learn a bit more about your character.

Mal will interview your character ICly, and give them a task to complete. It will likely involve showing loyalty by purging a number of Aliens that he's captured, or perhaps having to go hunt them yourself.

Your character must be Human or Pureblood, he simply will not train another species. Even though he regards the Chiss with a level of respect, he will not train them.

Your character will be tasked with carrying out genocidal activities, if this is contrary to your character's personality, or the goals you have for this character, I do suggest seeking another Master.

Your character's training will focus heavily on lightsaber combat and dueling, as Malcalius considers it to be the most important part of being Sith, and the most effective way of unleashing one's rage. If your character is physically weak, or not intended to be a duelist, understand that Malcalius has no mercy for the weak, so volunteering to be his apprentice may result in death. (Of course, I would never kill/maim your character without your permission, but Mal doesn't care for the weak).

Throughout your character's training, Mal is very likely to subject them to intense physical, mental and emotional torture.

I am willing to take on 3 Apprentices at a time, this does not include apprentices at the rank of Lord, such as Nerikare. If there are somehow more than 3 volunteers, I will do my best to accommodate but I do not think this will be an issue. I really can't imagine anyone would -want- to serve under Mal.

And finally, Mal will require his apprentices to lead men on campaigns. He is, after all, the head of Military Offense. He places a high value on the military, and many campaigns will take place in forum RP here, or in predetermined storylines, simply due to the planets being inaccessible in game. (Dathomir, Mirial, Ryloth, etc).