Saviors of the Dark

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Malcalius looked over the men of his personal Black Legion, he had the entirety of Alpha Company with him today. Three hundred men stood in formation under the hot sun of Korriban. He stood on the platform, looking down on them before giving a single command. "Board your ships". He was met with thunderous roars, as they turned and boarded the Imperial Shuttles that awaited to transport them. He boarded the last vessel, a Fury-Class Interceptor, his personal ship, and they departed. As they exited the atmosphere of Korriban, they flew right past The Preservation, and entered hyperspace towards Balmorra. The only stop they were scheduled to make. They entered orbit around Balmorra, and awaited the arrival of a newly designed, specialty shuttle. It appeared no different from the standard assault shuttles that made up the rest of the small fleet. The inside of the shuttle, however, was designed to be a command station. Advanced computers, and surveillance equipment made it ideal for commanding ground battles from the safety of orbit, and for updating the troops of incoming enemies, or hazards. As the ship joined the fleet, they departed once more. This time, their eyes set on the Jaguada system in the Outer Rim.

The Jaguada system was the home of ancient Sith temples, and the target of Malcalius' investigative efforts. He had been searching across the galaxy for a remote world, with a concentration of the Dark Side, and finally he had found it. The fleet of ships landed on the moon, and established a base not far from the temple. The soldiers fell into formation as Malcalius' ship landed. Their Lord entered, clad in his armor, and Nerikare, his friend and companion came exited behind him. The soldiers saluted silently as he passed through the camp to see the Temple with his own eyes.
"We've done it, Nerikare. We've found it". He then turned to his troops, and ordered them to resume their duties. "Nerikare and I will be entering the Temple, alone. You are to establish a perimeter and hold it". He commanded. The troops finished preparing the camp, and then they departed for the temple. The rough crater wall of the moon hid it's entrance, but through the Force the two Sith were able to locate the doors, and open them. The ghastly sound of the dead air of the sealed temple escaping would have terrified lesser men. The company of soldiers stood their ground, and watched as the two Sith entered.


Malcalius and Nerikare descended into the darkness of the Temple, guided by the Force. They felt the presence of ancient spirits, filled with anger and hatred. They heard the whispers of the dead calling for them to join them. They withstood the test of will, and navigated the labyrinth of a Temple in the dark, until at last they found the altar they came searching for. The Dark Side was strong here, it called to them. The air became heavy as they came closer, even Malcalius' great strength was tested as he approached the Altar, feeling as if the weight of the ground above them was crushing him. Then, the force spirits appeared. Eight ancient Sith made themselves visible to the Sith as they gathered around the Altar. "You were followed" One said harshly, before they vanished once more. The Temple shook, and the weight that was crushing them had vanished. Perhaps they had lost what they came in search of...

Unwelcome Guests

As the Temple shook a second time, the Sith navigated their way back to the entrance, and heard the blaster fire outside. Malcalius exited the Temple, finding his loyal soldiers engaged in heavy combat with Republic troops. Jedi had taken the field, and they were outnumbered. The Black Legion forces had only numbered three hundred when they arrived, and they had already taken heavy casualties. Malcalius ordered a retreat into the Temple, and Nerikare ignited his lightsaber to provide a beacon to guide the Soldiers through. Once the last soldier was in, Malcalius closed the great doors and sealed themselves inside. The Republic seemed to have stopped their assault, preparing to siege them, no doubt. They navigated through the labyrinth to a large room, where the soldiers began to rest. They tended to the wounded, and established defensive positions. The Sith once more navigated to the altar, and found the spirits had returned. They knelt before the altar, and began to meditate. The crushing weight of the Dark Side had returned, and they each began to absorb it into their being. They lost track of time, the spirits shared their vast knowledge of the Force, and imparted their strength to the two Sith that came to relieve them from their torment in the Temple. The Temple shook again, as the Republic began their siege to gain entry.


Malcalius and Nerikare left their meditative state, the air around them crackled with force lightning as they once more returned to the entrance of the Temple. The remnants of the Black Legion followed them as they passed through the great room, and as they stood at the besieged door of the Temple, they ignited their lightsabers. The bright red illuminated their horrifically corrupt features, as Malcalius used the force to push the doors open, and they threw themselves into battle. The Republic forces pressed the assault, but were cut down by the two Sith. Storms of Force Lightning burst through the crater, electrocuting Republic Troops, and Jedi. Malcalius leapt into the fray, and unleashed wanton carnage, Jedi fell before him with ease, Republic Shuttles were pulled into the crater, killing hundreds as Nerikare and Malcalius unleashed their wrath. The battle drew on, and Republic forces had nowhere to flee, their shuttles were forced to crash into the crater walls, dooming them all. They attempted to surrender, but the Sith did not show mercy. Executions followed.


In the aftermath of the battle, the Sith sent scouts from the remaining handful of soldiers they had to return to the camp, only to find it destroyed. The Republic had tracked them from Balmorra, and planned an ambush to kill the two Sith. Malcalius took it as something to be proud of, if the Republic would send so many Jedi, and soldiers to kill them, and to have them fail. The remaining soldiers and the Sith began to piece together some semblance of a working shuttle over the course of months, using the rationed supplies that survived the Republic's ambush to survive. For weeks on end they worked, until they were able to at last power one of the shuttles up and activate the Comms. They were able to reach out to the Bravo Company of the Black Legion, and shuttles were dispatched for them. What was supposed to be a week long campaign to acquire the knowledge of the Temple had turned into a months long campaign to escape Jaguada.


An unfamiliar Imperial shuttle docked aboard the hangar of The Preservation, and troops rushed to greet whoever was on board. As the ramp lowered, Malcalius and Nerikare stepped out. The soldiers collapsed to their knees, hailing the returning Lords. The remaining members of the Black Legion followed as they returned to their "normal" lives, and prepared for what was next. Each of the soldiers that survived was offered the opportunity to retire early, with a large sum of money awaiting them, and apartments in Kaas City. Several took the offer, and left Malcalius' service with pride and respect. Others chose to stay, to help reform the damaged Legion. The Sith approached the bridge of the ship, and stared down at Korriban.