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Full Version: [Sticky][Closed] Welcome to new Members
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To our new members:

Firstly, a big welcome to you. We really appreciate you joining the guild and visiting this site and these forums. I personally really hope you enjoy your time with us - we have a lot of fun and we have all mostly become pretty good friends.

There are some rules in the guild - namely keeping in game language at PG-13 and speaking like an adult. Really that is about it though - you're free to do what you like, however, you will find that you will advance more quickly in the guild by participating and being active. What does that mean?

It doesn't mean you have donate your games savings to the guild - it means show your face around the Guild Stronghold, chat in guild chat when something pops up that you're interested in, help other players if they need it, take on an apprentice or become one if you are ranked properly, attend the guild events / meetings, stuff like that. If you want to donate credits, decorations or items, that is totally up to you. To be honest, we aren't an extremely materialist guild, we focus more on the people than the swag.

Lastly, feel free to register on here. I own the server that this is on and I can promise you there is no secret tracking softwares or anything else on here - it's owned by me and managed by me. You won't get any odd email or anything else from here, nor do I hand out your info. It's all just for here.

Thanks again, and feel free to register and start a thread if you have questions!